EP05: Stumped – 48hr Film Entry


In this episode I talk about our 2015 48-hour furious filmmaking competition entry experience. Our team Once a Tron a Time experienced highs and lows, as told in a mix of in-the-moment recordings and interviews as well as the comments added here in the studio.

It was an epic journey with high drama, that couldn’t have been scripted better.
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EP02: Producer & Lawyer – Tim Riley

Chris talks to Tim Riley a lawyerTimRiley at Dominion Law in Auckland. Tim is the co-producer of the recently released Feature film Turbo Kid, with Ant Timpson. Tim and Ant also produced ABC’s of Death and Deathgasm together.

In this interview Tim talks about the role of a producer, or rather the many types of producers there are in the process of making and marketing a film. Tim gives us an insight as to the important legal aspects that filmmakers need to Continue reading “EP02: Producer & Lawyer – Tim Riley”

EP01: Director – Julia Reynolds

Episode 1

Chris interviews Julia Reynolds, a freelance Director and Editor, who is currently in Post Production of her much awaited Feature film Shepherd 2154.Julia Reynolds

Julia shares some gems about what makes a good director. The realities of being both producer and Director on a self-funded feature with several hundred people involved. How she handles actors and casting. And what it means to have family as part of her project.

 About Julia Reynolds

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