EP05: Stumped – 48hr Film Entry


In this episode I talk about our 2015 48-hour furious filmmaking competition entry experience. Our team Once a Tron a Time experienced highs and lows, as told in a mix of in-the-moment recordings and interviews as well as the comments added here in the studio.

It was an epic journey with high drama, that couldn’t have been scripted better.
…But I don’t ever want to have to go through that again!

Our film was titled Stumped.

But I am not going to give you any spoilers here about how it all turned out, for that you will have to listen to the episode!


Just know that we had fun as can be attested to by the following couple of photos…11206044_10153332202023760_5467542490097804251_n

This is one of the props made quickly for the shoot. We had to keep it refrigerated because it wasn’t fully set.

It did cause a little concern for one of the flatmates in the house we were shooting at when they came across it unexpectedly



And this was me keeping the crew entertained by allowing them to put a wig on me and take a photo.

This was of course Alex, our makeup specialist, who can be very dangerous when bored. I find it easier just to give in and let her have her harmless fun…