December Update

Hi there

I’m Chris Hanlon, and this is The New Zealand Filmmakers Podcast, following my journey to become a better filmmaker.

This is an update to let you know what is happening with the podcast, and with my filmmaking in general.

Firstly the goal of this podcast was to have a highly Only Humaneproduced series of episodes that would
feature interviews with more experienced filmmakers as well as my own experiences, successes and failures as I try new things in filmmaking.

I was talking to a couple of filmmakers the other day who love this podcast, but voiced their frustration that there wasn’t enough episodes available. -Ouch! It was good to hear that people loved what we were doing, but it was painful to realise that I am letting people down.

In 8 or so months we have published only 4 episodes, but we have several other interviews recorded.  In that time I went from being unemployed to part-time work, to full time work in a brand new business, to being made redundant for the second time in 20 months, to currently being unemployed again.  I have been taking advantage of this current absence of work to do a bunch of paid extra gigs on TV shows, and feature films. I am learning from every job I do.

This has obviously impacted my focus on this podcast, and meant that I haven’t got all the work done that I need to do to get your episodes out to you. And I apologise for that.

Sam, my editor and co-producer decided that we need to set some specific targets and work to a plan, and he is right.

We actually have some content already captured and waiting to be done. In this update I wanted to tell you what we are doing, and when we will be publishing things for the next year.

The Schedule

  • The next episode is about our 48 hour film challenge entry Stumped. This will be published in January.
  • In February we will finally publish Ben Fransham’s inteview
  • March we have The lessons from the Only Humane Shoot
  • April we have Chanelle Keoghan’s interview
  • May will see the lessons from Mime and Daredevil Bad Blood
  • June we have an interview with screenwriter Allan George
  • July we hope to have an interview with animator Richard Mans

August – December we will have a new episode every month, which will be created in the next 6 months.

I would like to do more episodes more frequently. However my promise to you is that I will keep to this schedule for 2016, and then see if we can increase our frequency from there.

Thank you for tuning in, and listening to The New Zealand Filmmakers Podcast. It is my mission to make sure that you get quality content on a schedule for 2016.

If you want to contact us you can go to The NZ Filmmakers Podcast dot com.

Or NZfilmmakerspod on Twitter

Or search The NZ Filmmakers Podcast on Facebook.

You can also get hold of me directly by visiting ChrisHanlon.NZ

Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year.

Image courtesy Dan Inglis  ©