The New Zealand Filmmakers Podcast is an audio podcast of interest to filmmakers and those in the film industry. The podcast is approaching the industry through the inexperience of a fledgeling filmmaker trying to learn how the industry operates, how he can become a better filmmaker, create better films and get them to a wider audience.

This will be done through a series of interviews with people of various disciplines and skills within the industry, as well as some podcasts chronicling Chris' efforts to make his own films alongside others, and the lessons learned along the way.

We chose an audio format for this podcast as it is more easily consumed, the episodes are around an hour in length and packed with relevant content, wrapped in a unique style.

Latest Episodes

Stumped 48hr
In this episode I talk about our 2015 48-hour furious filmmaking competition entry experience. Find out the many highs and lows of taking part in this project.

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Harley Neville
Chris talks to the lead actor Harley-Nevilleof this year’s feature film I Survived a Zombie Holocaust, and producer and partner in Pigville Productions; Harley Neville.

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Scott Granville
Chris talks to filmmaker Scott Granville of Chasing Time Productions based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Tim Riley
Chris talks to Tim Riley a lawyerTimRiley at Dominion Law in Auckland. Tim is the co-producer of the recently released Feature film Turbo Kid, with Ant Timpson.

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